SMH: Companies search for 'missing piece' to fix charity gift giving

Note: This article was originally published on the Sydney Morning Herald website by Brooke Gibbs.

Fifty leading Australian companies are being challenged to find the "missing piece" that will improve their corporate gift-giving as charities increasingly rely on big business for their funding.

Corporate grants and funding made up 20 per cent ($17.5 billion) of charity revenue in the last financial year, according to research conducted by Purposed. Charities including the Wesley Mission, National Breast Cancer Foundation and Landcare Australia said they benefited from more than 175,000 hours of corporate volunteering in the same year.

"Corporates and charities both agree their combined effort can make tangible progress in solving some of the biggest social, environmental, and economic problems of our time. The missing piece is how to do this in an effective way to guarantee real impact," said Purposed managing director Tom Ferrier.

One of the biggest obstacles for corporations is employee engagement, including ensuring employees are aware of the opportunities available to them through their workplace giving program, Mr Ferrier said.

Companies also cite difficulties with tracking the progress of their corporate gift giving, and say staff are often not given adequate support to manage the relationship with the charity.

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