About Us

About Us

At Purposed, we come to work every day because we want to help solve the most pressing problems of our time.

Our world is facing unprecedented challenges, many accelerated by the neglect of mankind.  And while everyone wants to make a difference, it’s just too hard. The gap between intent and action often sees lasting impact elude us. But it doesn't have to be so.

Purposed bridges this gap with a fresh approach that helps organisations and their employees discover their inner purpose, then connects them with leading charities to generate greater impact. Once this purpose is discovered it unlocks something special, gives meaning and sets them on a pursuit beyond their own self-interest to make the world a better place.

Forget optimising, we are focused on revolutionising giving with an unprecedented experience that seamlessly embeds the pursuit of purpose in to everyday life, helping in ways you can. Whether it be sharing your time, skills, funds, goods or services, you will be left with a true sense of fulfilment and wanting more.

We are not building a technology, rather a breakthrough experience that is easier, more meaningful and more impactful, to help solve the most pressing problems of our time.

Simply put, at Purposed our purpose is to help you discover yours.

Purposed Structure

Purposed is a Profit for Purpose organisation.
We exist to amplify the social, community and environmental benefit generated by corporate community investment.

  • Purposed is an Australian registered company (Purposed Pty Ltd)
  • Purposed has Pledged 1% and encourage our employees to do so

Purposed identifies the B Corporation declaration (http://bcorporation.com.au/what-are-b-corps/the-b-corp-declaration) and is working towards B Corp certification

Our Team

Tom brings deep IT leadership and business transformation expertise, having worked for companies listed on the ASX20, NASDAQ as well as private enterprise. But this pales in comparison to the passion he brings to create breakthrough experiences, and inspire a sense of belief that stretches our abilities beyond what we thought was possible.

What's at the top of Tom's bucket list
There is only one thing on Tom's list. To create an experience that truly inspires people to help solve the most pressing problems of our time. Actually, there is a second... To see the Wallabies finally bring home the Bledisloe.

Tom's Purpose
Helping avoid the pain of terminal illness.

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Tom Ferrier


Leigh is a highly experienced consultant with over 14 years experience in child rights and protection, non-profit management, project design, social enterprise and philanthropy.

Leigh is also the Co-founder of the ReThink Orphanages Network, working to prevent the unnecessary institutionalisation of children overseas by shifting the way Australia engages with overseas aid and development. She was the recipient of the Victorian Young Australian of the Year Award & the Australian Leadership Award 2009, and the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World Award 2009.

What's at the top of Leigh's bucket list
Travel – to as many countries as possible!

Leigh's Purpose
To harness the power of people, technology and innovation to solve complex social problems, particularly those affecting the most marginalised population – children.

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Leigh Mathews


Katherine  Jude


Katherine optimises Purposed’s operations, people and partnerships. With a 20+ year business consulting background, she’s helped large corporate and government organisations improve performance through the implementation of better practices, processes and enabling technologies. Katherine’s passionate to utilise her business transformation expertise to help transform social and environmental impact.

What's at the top of Katherine’s bucket list
Experiencing different cultures and the global world we live in.  45 countries so far, Japan next.

Katherine's Purpose
Improving mental health and wellbeing outcomes.

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Emma has a corporate career spanning 20 years. She brings a wealth of experience in all things finance from strategy, financial modelling and capital structuring, and has worked across the private, non-profit and government sectors. As a recent MBA graduate, Emma is looking to leverage her financial expertise to create economic and social impact.

What's at the top of Emma's bucket list
French Open Tennis - the last one on the list of the Grand Slams!

Emma's Purpose
Emma's passionate about creating economic value through leveraging the power of underserved markets and believes we can all be agents of change to create a better world.

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Emma Hunt

FINANCE & Commercial

Daisy Taylor


Daisy delivers flair and creativity to the Purposed team, allowing us to bring amazing experiences not just in the digital world, but the real world. In her prior life she spent most of her time on Fashion TV "making up" Bette Middler and Fergi from the Black Eyed Peas, just to name a couple...

What's at the top of Daisy's bucket list
Learning to surf before her boys do.

Daisy's Purpose
For all children to have the same opportunities to dream big.

Vako is a talented designer and a best-selling Udemy instructor. His passion towards web and mobile design shines through his work. He always aims for producing top-quality work where usability meets visual aesthetics in perfect harmony.

What's at the top of Vako's bucket list
Travel to Mars. He's certain it will be a possibility in his lifetime.

Vako's Purpose
Live a life full of meaning and help others with their journey.

Vako Shvili



There’s a certain way we work, that only attracts and retains a certain type of person. Those who are genuinely aligned with the Purposed Values

It’s when all these elements come together, we strike a balance that breaks tradition and delivers something special.

This is what it takes to be Purposed. This is the way we work.

  • We love what we do
    and have fun while we do it

  • We collaborate and co design
    to solve problems, it’s in our DNA

  • We do things differently
    to make everything easier, more meaningful and more impactful

  • We challenge each other, but are still family
    because honest conversations and different ideas are what make us better

  • We bring our authentic self to work
    because being ourselves drives collective well-being

  • We deliver with integrity.
    We do what we say we are going to do 

We currently have the following open positions

Marketing & Digital Communications Lead

Our Strategic Partners

To deliver a breakthrough experience, we have spent considerable time and effort identifying partners who are recognised as leaders in their respective industries. All working towards a shared vision, our partnership model allows us to draw upon a wide range of expertise to conceive new and innovative solutions while also providing the ability to rapidly scale and deliver for our clients.

Partner agreements currently being finalised.  Check back soon!

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